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Introducing Rachel Bryant: The 2020 DTA Foundation/P&R Dental Strategies Scholarship Recipient

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Midwestern University – Arizona’s Rachel Bryant was awarded a 2020 scholarship of $5,000 as last year’s DTA Foundation/P&R Dental Strategies Scholarship Recipient.

In 2020, the DTA Foundation awarded 10 $5,000 level scholarships to winning applicants. Rachel Bryant, a dental student at Midwestern University – Arizona, was one of those 10 very deserving scholarship recipients. Rachel worked as a phlebotomist while in college and her first and most impactful exposure to dentistry was during a service trip to Central America with Volunteers for Intercultural and Definitive Adventures in July 2014.

She mentnioned in her application, “Becoming a dentist will empower me to help others get the dental care they need and deserve. My life’s goal is to be an instrument that enables others to have a happy life by preventing and solving their dental maladies.” Read below her thanks to P&R Dental Strategies for the scholarship.

This scholarship will support my efforts in being a leader who is engaged with the outside world through community service, advocacy, and professional development. Ultimately, this scholarship will assist me in doing what I love.

Receiving this recognition inspires me to continue maintaining a high academic rigor, seeking out opportunities to give back, and striving for excellence. I look forward to growing my passion for organized dentistry, serving my community, and advocating for my future patients and profession.