Oral Health for the Underserved

Committed to a Healthy Smile for All

The Dental Trade Alliance (DTA) Foundation is committed to access to oral health for underserved communities, reflecting its dedication to improving oral health outcomes and
ensuring access to dental care for all individuals.

The Disabled Community Access Fund

The Foundation recognizes the importance of improving access to oral care for individuals with disabilities. Through the DTA Foundation’s Disability Community Access Fund for Oral Health, we provide funding assistance for access to dental services to meet the unique needs of this community. Our efforts include raising public awareness through campaigns, encouraging individuals with disabilities to pursue careers in the dental field, and more. The ultimate goal is to eliminate barriers to dental care, enhance oral health outcomes, and improve the overall quality of life for people with disabilities.

Developmental Disabilities Awareness Month (DDAM)

A national observance, known as Developmental Disabilities Awareness Month, is dedicated to highlighting the experiences of people with developmental disabilities. In alignment with our mission to ensure a healthy smile for all, the Dental Trade Alliance Foundation collaborates with other organizations to spotlight our yearly campaign and raise awareness. We provide user-friendly marketing materials to address the significant unmet need for oral health care in this community and to connect with leading organizations in the field. Currently, 6.5 million people with disabilities in the US lack access to necessary oral care, impacting their overall health. Our efforts aim to change that.

Pets of Dental Calendar

The DTA Foundation’s newest initiative, the Pets of Dental Calendar, is a fundraiser and awareness campaign supporting the Disabled Community Access Fund. This initiative unites all members of the dental industry to support the disabled community, bring awareness to treatment opportunities and techniques for special needs patients, eliminate stigma and raise funds. Our goal is to cover production and distribution costs through sponsorship, ensuring that 100% of the proceeds benefit the fund. Additionally, the calendar’s furry stars will be featured on social media, and a contest will determine the cutest pet who will earn the cover photo in next year’s calendar.

Grants Funding Focused on Underserved Communities

Oral health initiatives for underserved communities are essential for addressing disparities in dental care access, especially in remote areas. By supporting dental professionals committed to serving these regions, the Foundation ensures that communities with limited oral healthcare services receive the care they need through grant funding. This targeted approach not only enhances overall oral health outcomes but also significantly reduces disparities in access to oral care.