Access to Dental Careers

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The Dental Trade Alliance (DTA) Foundation is committed to increasing access to dental careers because of the significant impact oral health has on overall well-being and the recognition that a robust dental workforce is essential for addressing the growing oral health needs of communities. By promoting and supporting initiatives that enhance access to dental careers, the foundation aims to bridge the gap between the supply and demand for dental professionals, ultimately improving access to quality dental care for individuals across diverse populations.

Expanding access to dental careers is critical in addressing workforce shortages in the oral healthcare sector. A shortage of dental professionals can lead to limited availability of dental services, particularly in underserved and remote areas. The DTA Foundation recognizes the importance of building a strong and diverse dental workforce to meet the needs of an evolving healthcare landscape. By encouraging individuals to pursue careers in dentistry, dental hygiene, dental assisting, and related fields, the foundation contributes to the development of a skilled workforce that can provide accessible and comprehensive dental care to communities in need.

DTA Foundation Access to Dental Careers Efforts

DTA Foundation Fund-A-Future Scholarships 

The Fund-A-Future Scholarships started with a generous donation from the Robert J. Sullivan Family Foundation to honor the late Robert Sullivan and his love for the dental industry coupled with his strong connection to dental education. The purpose of this scholarship is to recognize and provide multiple scholarships in financial support to dental students who demonstrate academic excellence in dentistry; financial need; and a commitment to community service. 

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Dr. Robert Tanner Freeman Scholarship 

The Dr. Robert Tanner Freeman Scholarship aims to increase diversity in the dental field by providing scholarships to underrepresented minorities looking to start their dental education. The initiative was established by the DTA Foundation in June 2021, in partnership with the UNCF to increase diversity and improve access to the oral healthcare profession. 

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Lawrence & Sally Cohen Endowed Scholarship Fund for Dental Hygiene 

The Lawrence & Sally Cohen Endowed Scholarship Fund for Dental Hygiene was formed thanks to a generous $1 million Legacy Gift from the Benco Family Foundation. This scholarship aims to expand the dental field to aspiring minority dental hygiene students from underrepresented communities and backgrounds.

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