About Us

About The Dental Trade Alliance Foundation

The Dental Trade Alliance (DTA) Foundation is a national oral health care foundation dedicated to the access to and education of oral health care and its impact on overall health. Thanks to the generosity of its dental trade and industry partners, the DTA Foundation is able to achieve its mission through grants, scholarships, partnerships, advocacy, and research.

Our Mission
Enable access to, empower personal ownership of, and increase utilization of oral healthcare.

We do so by supporting grants, programs, scholarships and special initiatives that further our mission of promoting greater access to oral health care.

Our Vision
A healthy smile for all.

Our Core Pillars

We plan to achieve our mission through three main focuses– strategic partnerships, research and education. We aim to build sustainable partnerships with oral health providers, thought leaders, and key dental stakeholders to increase single year impact and improve the engagement and visibility of the DTA Foundation.

Strategic Partnerships



Explore the DTA Foundation 2022 Annual Report to find videos, stories, and statistics about how we’re improving the oral health system through our collaborative work in scholarships and grants, fundraising, research, and education.