National Brush Day

Mother and son singing into their toothbrushes with a National Brush Day logo

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To further our vision of ensuring a healthy smile for all, the Dental Trade Alliance Foundation runs an annual National Brush Day awareness and marketing campaign with targeted outreach to DTA members, partners and clinicians. We want to help you spread the word to families about National Brush Day by providing easy-to-use marketing materials to get the word out via email, social media, websites, in-office and more.

National Brush Day is observed annually on November 1st, and it is an initiative aimed at promoting good oral health habits, specifically focusing on the importance of brushing teeth. This day serves as a reminder for individuals, especially children, to prioritize their oral hygiene by incorporating regular brushing into their daily routines. The timing of National Brush Day is significant as it follows Halloween, a day when many people indulge in consuming sugary treats.

National Brush Day aligns with broader public health campaigns that emphasize preventive measures to reduce the incidence of dental problems. By promoting regular and thorough teeth brushing, the initiative contributes to the overall goal of improving oral health awareness and reducing the prevalence of preventable dental issues. It serves as a timely reminder for people of all ages to prioritize their oral health and establish healthy dental habits for a lifetime of well-maintained teeth and gums.

2023 National Brush Day Results

In 2023, the DTA Foundation promoted National Brush Day by encouraging families to “Share Your Favorite Toothbrushing Song” and tagging #NBDToothTunes. Our goal was to raise engagement and spread awareness of the importance of good oral health. Click here to listen to the NBD Tooth Tunes Playlist on Spotify.

Our complimentary package of digital marketing materials included printable posters, social media graphics and captions, email templates, the 2023 National Brush Day logo, and a Spotify playlist, which resulted in over 1,200+ downloads. In total, our 2023 campaign had a potential reach of over 431 million people worldwide with over 8,000 mentions on social media channels.

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