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Virtual Oral Hygiene Education Program: A 2020 DTA Foundation Grant Project

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The DTA Foundation pivoted its funding in 2020 to projects relating to the pandemic and its negative affect on oral health care or overall care. The Fenwick Foundation was one of six 2020 grant recipients. See below for a brief description of their 2020 DTA Foundation grant project: Virtual Oral Hygiene Education Program

We are introducing a new virtual program due to the COVID crisis. We have developed a virtual oral hygiene education series initiative for nursing home and long-term care facility patients and staff.

This program is designed to address the social distancing requirements we currently face and, at the same time, to provide access to needed and effective oral hygiene concepts and issues.

Their educational topics included the importance of good dental health for overall health, the types of dental professionals that provide care to older adults, preventative dental procedure’s and examinations and their importance to older adults, root carries and coronal carries and their treatments, periodontitis and its treatments, and good dental practices for older Americans.