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Introducing Omar El-Sayed: A 2021 DTA Foundation / Patterson Dental Scholarship Recipient

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University of Maryland School of Dentistry Omar El-Sayed was awarded a 2021 scholarship of $5,000 as one of last year’s DTA Foundation / Patterson Dental Scholarship Recipient.

In 2021, the DTA Foundation awarded 10 more $5,000 Scholarships to scholarship applicants. Omar El-Sayed, a dental student at the University of Maryland School of Dentistry, was the very deserving recipient of one of those scholarships. Continue reading below for his plans to continue impacting his community and on the scholarship.

I want to increase access to care to those in my community, but I don’t just want to fix broken teeth. I want to empower my community by providing them the tools and knowledge they need to take their health into their own hands.

Education is the key to helping empower our communities and encouraging them to take control of their health. I aspire to visit local schools, particularly in underserved areas, and empower children and families through education on the importance of oral hygiene and basic oral hygiene instructions. I plan to distribute oral hygiene kits to those that may not readily have access to such supplies. This knowledge and these tools are to encourage families to take control of their oral health, which consequently translates to caring for their overall health.