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Introducing Sarah Wong: The 2021 DTA Foundation / A-dec, Inc. Scholarship Recipient

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University of California, San Francisco dental student Sarah Wong was awarded a 2021 scholarship of $5,000 as last year’s DTA Foundation / A-dec, Inc. Scholarship Recipient.

In 2021, the DTA Foundation awarded 10 more $5,000 Scholarships to scholarship applicants. Sarah Wong, a dental student at the University of California, San Francisco, was the very deserving recipient of one of those scholarships. Continue reading below for her plans to continue impacting her community and on the scholarship.

Thank you very much to the DTA Foundation for your very generous gift and for supporting dental students and dental education across the country. I cannot express how honored I am to be selected for an award and to represent my university. I believe scholarships, such as those provided by the DTA, serve as great examples of how the dental community can come together, combining industry and education, to safeguard our field and support future generations of dentists. For me personally, this award will have a huge impact in supporting my final year of dental training. Thank you again for all your support!

As a dentist-scientist in-training and a future academician, the opportunities to make a difference and serve my community seem limitless. I know that my career will not be limited to the local community dental clinic that I first envisioned. Rather, I hope to impact our field by promoting diversity and inclusion within dental education by continuing to work with ADEA. I also hope to promote dental research not only by personally contributing to discovery but also by working with the AADR to promote student research.