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Introducing Micayla Shrimpton: The 2020 DTA Foundation/Septodont Scholarship Recipient

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University of Missouri-Kansas City’s Micayla Shrimpton was awarded a 2020 scholarship of $5,000 as last year’s DTA Foundation/Septodont Scholarship Recipient.

In 2020, the DTA Foundation awarded 10 $5,000 level scholarships to winning applicants. Micayla Shrimpton, a dental student at University of Missouri-Kansas City, was one of those 10 very deserving scholarship recipients. Micayla knew for a while that her future was in dentistry and decided during dental assistanting school that she would rather be performing the procedures than observing or assisting with them.

Volunteering with TeamSmile meant a lot to Micayla and she noted in her application, “I have witnessed first-hand how people with special needs’ oral health can be neglected. Not many generalists are open to treating people with special needs. As a pediatric dentist, I would have continuing education to best serve this people group.” Read below her thanks to Septodont for the scholarship.

I want to give back to my community through supporting underserved areas in my community. One area that is on my heart to focus on is children in the foster care system. These children grow up in unknown environments with unsteady routines. Having routine dental care provided for these children would be a stable factor in their lives. I hope to provide this care as a future pediatric dentist.

It also means a lot to me to be recognized with this scholarship. To be recognized for my participation in community service is very rewarding.