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Introducing Stephanie Phan: A 2021 DTA Foundation Scholarship Recipient

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Western University of Health Sciences College of Dental Medicine’s Stephanie Phan was awarded a 2021 scholarship of $5,000 as last year’s DTA Foundation Scholarship Recipients.

In 2021, the DTA Foundation awarded 10 more $5,000 Scholarships to scholarship applicants. Stephanie Phan, a dental student at Western University of Health Sciences College of Dental Medicine, was the very deserving recipient of one of those scholarships. Continue reading below for her plans to continue impacting her community and on the scholarship.

After graduation, I will officially be pursuing 1-year working as a HRSA dentist working in a medically underserved community anywhere in the country. It means so much that DTA Foundation would invest in me as well to continue to bring about their mission of increasing access and utilization of oral health care and their vision for healthy smiles for all. I am excited to see what is to come as well in regards to the same impact I plan to contribute to our society as well.

To be committed to community service, I will be able to inspire other underrepresented minority students such as myself to pursue a career in dentistry, I will be able to relieve dental pain amongst underserved communities, and I will be able to offer help to populations where there is a lack of oral healthcare.

DTA Foundation has helped kickstart my career into public health dentistry as a HRSA dentist and will provide me the opportunity to improve health equity in the communities I encounter in the near future.