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Empowering Grant Applications in the Oral Health Sector

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The DTA Foundation and the Unfunded List Announce Partnership to Empower Grant Applicants in the Oral Health Sector.

The DTA Foundation, a nonprofit committed to advancing oral health access and education, and the Unfunded List, a nonprofit focused on philanthropy education are teaming up to empower grant applicants in the field of oral health.

Every year, the DTA Foundation awards seed funding enabling oral health projects to pilot new initiatives and become competitive for larger and more sustainable funding. The primary purpose of the partnership is to review grant proposals and grant proposals drafts for organizations applying for, or who have previously applied for, grants from DTA Foundation.

Through this partnership, Unfunded List and DTA Foundation will combine their expertise and resources to ensure that every grant applicant receives helpful and candid feedback and the opportunity to discuss their proposal. By leveraging Unfunded List’s extensive network of proposal reviewers and DTA Foundation’s deep understanding of oral healthcare needs, the partnership will offer tailored guidance to grant applicants, empowering them to refine their proposals and increase their chances of securing funding.

Of the partnership, Margaret Chapman, Unfunded List Board Chair, said “We are thrilled to be working with Dental Trade Alliance Foundation to provide candid and helpful feedback to everyone who applies for their grants. Each year the Foundation funds great oral health care programs at community organizations around the country. Thanks to this partnership, it won’t just be the grant winners who benefit. Every single person who applies to the program will receive substantial benefit and most of them will see their fundraising improve.”

“This partnership with Unfunded List to expand opportunities for organizations working to improve oral health outcomes is so exciting,” said Sarah Miller, Executive Director of the DTA Foundation. “By equipping our DTA Foundation grant applicants with more tools and resources, we are hoping to help them, and oral health initiatives, become more competitive in the broader funding space.”

Together, Unfunded List and DTA Foundation are committed to driving meaningful impact in the oral health sector and beyond. Through this partnership, they aim to unlock new opportunities for innovation, collaboration, and progress in the field of oral health care.

For more information about this program or to volunteer as a proposal reviewer for it, reach out to Sarah Miller, Executive Director of the DTA Foundation or Dave Moss, Founder of Unfunded List.

About Unfunded List

Unfunded List is a nonprofit with a mission to educate about philanthropy. Twice a year, we receive proposals from all over the world and, with the help of hundreds of expert proposal evaluators, each proposal is thoroughly reviewed. Helpful and candid review improves proposals and Unfunded List has provided feedback reports to proposal authors raising money for everything from historic preservation, to the Arts, to climate change prevention, to fingerprint scanners for babies in refugee camps. We have also reviewed proposals for hundreds of local charities, after school programs, and community health organizations. After a recent impact study, we learned that organizations that completed our review process in 2016 were raising an average of 213% more money by 2022.

Unfunded List has been funded by the MacArthur Foundation, the Tecovas Foundation, and Kettering Philanthropies and conducted partnerships with Adeso, George Washington University, MIT, Skoll World Forum, the Circle for Justice Innovations, Social Venture Partners Vancouver, and others.

About DTA Foundation

The DTA Foundation’s mission is to enable access to, empower personal ownership of, and increase utilization of oral healthcare. The DTA Foundation works to achieve this mission through strategic partnerships, research, and education.