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Introducing Evi Addoh: The 2020 DTA Foundation/AMD Medicom, Inc. Scholarship Recipient

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University of Minnesota’s Evi Addoh was awarded a 2020 scholarship of $5,000 as last year’s DTA Foundation/AMD Medicom, Inc. Scholarship Recipient.

In 2020, the DTA Foundation awarded 10 $5,000 level scholarships to winning applicants. Evi Addoh, a dental student at University of Minnesota School of Dentistry, was one of those 10 very deserving scholarship recipients. Dentistry captured Evi’s attention at age 10 and she credits her family for encouraging her to achieve her dreams in a career she is passionate about.

She mentnioned in her application, “I immensely enjoy the hands-on experience, interaction with patients, restoring smiles and alleviating pain at the clinic. In addition, being able to provide care to underserved communities gives me a great sense of fulfillment.” Read below her thanks to AMD Medicom, Inc. for the scholarship.

My involvement in numerous community service initiatives has been sometimes questioned by people who feel there is no benefit from engaging in activities that have no reward. But their idea of reward is flawed because as a volunteer, the feeling of joy and accomplishment I experience from helping put a smile on one face is priceless.

Thank you for motivating students like myself through your generous support.