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Public Health Dental Prevention Outreach: A 2021 DTA Foundation Grant Project

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The DTA Foundation continued its usual funding of oral health pilot projects in 2021 after its 2020 pivot to COVID related projects. Kids’ Community Dental Clinic of Burbank was one of five grant recipients from last year’s funding cycle. See below pieces of their 2021 DTA Foundation grant application for more details on their project, Public Health Dental Prevention Outreach.

This project intends to provide oral healthcare to parents and students of Early Head Start. It will provide oral health education, dental screenings, and also give referral options for patients so that the family can have a dental home. This project is able to care for 100 Early Head Start students, 40 siblings and 100 parents.

By engaging the whole family, this project helps low income families at the earliest age. There are very few ways to engage and impact low income, high risk parents of children, this project is innovative as it is structured around a required parenting class and nutrition and hygiene education classes. Because of the ages of the parents, this project can positively impact babies of the future.